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"Goyanes’ writing is energetic and full of creative descriptions. The author allows his characters the room to interact naturally, to joke around with one another. . . the author skillfully fits together his plot points. . . it’s easy to admire the spirit and humor of the book. . . "

"Goyanes (Miami Beat, 2012) often includes captivating descriptions, many focusing on Jose’s car restorations, local Cuban food and eateries, and factoids about the city. . . While the murders are detailed and graphic, the plot is engaging and Jose is a stand-up, strong protagonist. His intriguing back story contributes to his detective skills quite well. . . "

Amazon Reader Reviews for Miami Beat

"I started reading this shortly before bedtime and found myself not wanting to stop." -K. Rosado

"The characters are strong. The locales are intersting. The pace is fast. Once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down until your done." -Bruce

"Set in Miami, this contemporary crime story has a wealth of funny one-liners, delicious food and drink references, and nicely mature characters. Makes a nice change from the majority of books I've read recently, where the MCs are always in the twenties to thirties age range, with all that implies. It's refreshing to read about characters who "have been there, done that" and are now making wiser decisions and enjoying the sweet life after all the mistakes have been made." -Fangtasia

Amazon Reader Reviews for Miami Moon

"A good, solid detective story. A 'can't put down' until finished book. Adult humor and situations." -Bruce

"Fast moving, good plot, well written easy read for people who enjoy crime fiction. Great food descriptions that made my mouth water, and motor enthusiasts will enjoy Jose's love of cars. Jose Castillo is a likeable intuitive character who trusts his instincts and acts on them. He loves and respects his woman, Kat, and what female reader does not like a man who does that? You can see his soft side but sentiment stays mostly between the lines in this book. The dialogue is very masculine, how could it be otherwise, this is Jose Castillo. Great twist at the end." -J.D. Harrison

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