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Jose Castillo is a cynical, wise-cracking Cuban-American who restores classic cars. He’s also a private eye whose sarcastic ways sometimes get him into trouble. One day in the process of installing a four-barrel carburetor on a 1965 Mustang, into his shop walks trouble—in the shape of a mysterious, beautiful woman surrounded by an entourage of goons. Mrs. Santana is the wife of one of Miami’s most well-known, successful and untouchable mobsters and she wants to avail herself of Jose’s services. What starts out as a job mediating a multi-million dollar casino land deal rapidly escalates into a case involving deceit, betrayal, blackmail and even two of Jose’s long estranged relatives. With the help of his fiancée Kat and best friend/police detective Nate, he hopes to untangle the mess quickly so he can enjoy a stiff drink and a fat stogie, but when things get hotter than usual in tropical Miami and a murder is committed, Jose has no choice but to keep his Glock close and his enemies closer. There’s no telling who you can trust when the temperature rises in Miami Beat.

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