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Miami Moon marks the return of uber sarcastic, classic car restorer and private eye Jose Castillo. A Cuban-American raised and based in Miami, Castillo is a throwback to the days when justice was handled mano a mano. He won't shy away from using his martial arts skills when needed, but he has a moral compass that he strictly adheres to—against conventional thinking and even the law if the need arises. Miami Moon offers a fully-developed cast of characters, which includes the vibrant streets, sights, sounds, and smells of the Magic City itself. Also along for the ride are Castillo's buddy, ally, and tech genius, Jim Gafford, who keeps Jose up on the latest security and surveillance gadgets; and his best friend Nate Devine, a homicide detective with the Miami PD who spends much of his time trying to decide whether to thank Jose for his help or throw him in jail for interfering with an investigation. As in Goyanes' first book, Miami Beat, Castillo peeks under the hood of Miami's seedy underbelly in Miami Moon where he goes up against the Russian Mafia, a ruthless criminal, and a serial killer targeting sex workers on the streets of Miami.

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